Statistical Consulting

Many fields require the use of statistics for research. As a result, most faculty and graduate students in fields that require the use of statistical techniques for analyzing data have either taken or will take one or more statistics courses. Unfortunately, they often do not achieve the level of statistical expertise required of research journals today, or the complexities of the research problem imply that off-the-shelf techniques are not appropriate. In such instances, statistical consultants are often called upon to assist researchers with statistical issues arising from their research.

Statistical consulting is a key service in a modern university campus and we are committed to the development of a statistical consulting center that can provide support to the research activities of other groups within UCSC. However, this service has a cost, and we are doing the best to provide the widest possible access, without regard to financial resources. Under the current policy, you can expect 1-2 hours of free support, with additional hours subject to a fee. Hopefully, some of these interactions will eventually lead to full-fledged collaborations where other funding mechanisms can be worked out.

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If the consultation becomes extensive, is there grant money available to provide release time or financial support for the statistical consultant?

Is the consultation to help you submit a grant application, and if so are you open to the possibility of including support for the consultant in the grant?

Are you open to the possibility that your statistical consultant might become a co-author on one or more papers arising from the consultation, as long as the consultant's contribution to the paper(s) was large enough to merit this?


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