Advancement: Acculturative Game Design with Latine Communities

Samantha Conde
Computational Media PhD Student
Virtual Event
Sri Kurniawan

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Description: Acculturative stress disproportionately impacts first-generation Latine-Americans, leading to significant mental health risks stemming from intergenerational cultural norms around gender identity and sexuality. Facilitating communication is critical in reducing this stress, yet it can be challenging for Latine individuals to take the first step in expanding their views due to limited resources, cultural pressure, and motivational needs. On the other hand, serious games provide a unique opportunity to address this challenge by introducing novel experiences to encourage the growth of perspectives in acculturative norms. This dissertation proposal aims to bridge three key concepts: (1) acculturative stress in Latine-American communities, (2) modern behavior change theory, and (3) applying these towards establishing a novel framework for the design of serious games and gamification. The goal of this proposal is to establish and validate this framework: Acculturative Game Design (AGD). My advancement will discuss considerations for AGD towards fostering the support of intergenerational relationships around Latine identity.