Be Bold, Go Bald! for Childhood Cancer Research

Science & Engineering Library
UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute, Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative

2nd Annual St. Baldrick's Fundraiser

FREE Haircuts!! One Style Offered: BALD!

...just raise a little money for pediatric cancer research!

Benefits of being bald:

~ improved aerodynamics/hydrodynamics

~ raising awareness of childhood cancer

~ showers become amazing scalp massages

~ time to style your hair: ZERO minutes!

Here's how to get your free haircut:

1) Sign up to shave by clicking the "Join us" button at our event page

2) Ask your friends and family to donate

3) Show up!

Not ready to shave this year? Just come support the brave students, staff & professors who will be shaving! Committed so far Include:

~ Brian O'Connor

~ Donovan Beck (returning shavee!)

~ Ellen Kephart

~ Kevin Karplus

~ Mark Akeson (returning shavee!)

~ Ned LeBlond

~ Rob Currie (returning shavee!)

~ Arjun Rao

Everyone is welcome to join and/or attend -- see you all there!!