Computational Storage Primer

David McIntyre and Mayank Saxena
Professor Shel Finkelstein

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Description: Today’s compute, storage and networking infrastructures, from on-premise to cloud data centers to edge deployments, undergo challenges including Latency, Restricted Bandwidth, Expense, Security and Privacy, and Resource interdependencies.

With Computational storage, these impediments can be resolved by bringing compute to the data for more efficient processing, in a flexible and scalable architecture that increases performance in data analytics in use cases from database acceleration to genomics sequencing. This presentation provides an overview of the computational storage architecture, example use cases (including a high performance object storage S3 Select accelerator), and emerging applications that will benefit from computational storage as a solution.

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Speaker Bios:

David McIntyre focuses on computational storage acceleration solutions development and strategic business enablement for cloud to edge applications including AI inference/video analytics, database processing and blockchain networks. He has held senior management positions with IBM, Samsung, Xilinx, Intel (formerly Altera) and at Silicon Valley startups.  He has consulted for institutional investors including Fidelity, Goldman Sachs and UBS. David is a frequent presenter and chairperson at the Flash Memory Summit and other technical conferences including SNIA.

Mayank Saxena is a seasoned storage engineering leader focused on building innovative products at scale. He has 20+ years in technology R&D, software, product development, and team building experience at companies like NetApp, Microsoft Research, and HP Labs. He successfully co-founded startups in the field of Cloud and IoT data processing. As an inventor he holds multiple US patents in the area of storage, data security and distributed networking. He holds an M.S. in Computer Science from University Of Southern California.