CSE Seminar: Down the Rabbit Hole: Adventures in Open Source FPGA EDA Tools

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Andrew "Bunnie" Huang
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Matthew Guthaus


The past few years have seen a blossoming of open source tooling for FPGA design. This talk will start with a brief survey of actively developed open source tooling for FPGA design. We'll take a brief look at how these compare to traditional vendor toolchains, and finally conclude with a case study of how these tools are used in shipping products today.


Bunnie is best known for his work hacking the Microsoft Xbox, as well as for his efforts in designing and manufacturing open source hardware, including the chumby (app-playing alarm clock), chibitronics (peel-and-stick electronics for craft), and Novena (DIY laptop). He received his PhD in EE from MIT in 2002. He currently lives in Singapore where he runs a private product design studio, Kosagi, and he actively mentors several startups and students.

Zoom link:  https://ucsc.zoom.us/s/93641453798

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