Defense: Deep and Fast High-Resolution 3D Imaging with Multifocus Microscopy

Eduardo Hirata Miyasaki
Electrical & Computer Engineering Phd Candidate
Sara Abrahamsson

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Description: Fast and live three-dimensional (3D) imaging remains one of the main challenges of modern microscopy when visualizing fast and dynamic processes such as functional neural circuits in living animals. While it is possible to keep an entire specimen in focus by taking images with a very long depth of focus, this intrinsically destroys our ability to discern between information from different depths of the image. Conventional microscopy techniques such as wide-field, scanning confocal microscopy, and light sheet rely on focus scanning or sweeping a sheet of illumination light across the sample to acquire a 3D rendering of the specimen that consists of a 2D “focal stack”. These acquisition processes are thus somewhat time-consuming even with high-speed scanning and fundamentally capture 3D information sequentially. In this defense, I present the development of a novel ultrafast multifocus microscope with a 25-camera array (M25) enabling simultaneous imaging of 25 high-resolution focal planes to render and study live-3D biological dynamics. I discuss the development of the technique, characterization, and imaging results on freely moving organisms to study their locomotion and neural dynamics. The M25 opens the door to capturing high temporal dynamics such as neural circuits of freely moving organisms to understand how multisensory information is processed.