Advancement: Design at Scale for Large-scale Online Communication and Collaboration

Kehua Lei
Computational Media PhD Student
Virtual Event
David Lee

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Description: Digital technologies have created environments for large-scale online interactions. However, it is still challenging to foster deeper interaction at scale in both online communication and collaboration. In this proposal, I describe my work thus far, which has focused on exploring mechanisms that can achieve both the scale of digitally-mediated interactions and the depth of in-person relationships. To be specific, I have studied how to design chat-based UIs to support large group mentorship, and how to leverage small groups as relational building blocks in large-scale societal collaborations. After describing this work, I then describe how these new forms of large-scale communication and collaboration can in return be leveraged for supporting the design process, specifically through scalable methods for understanding users within a user-centered design process. Specifically, I will explore dynamic surveys that blend qualitative and quantitative data collection, and small group-based variants of speed dating studies for eliciting richer context when evaluating multiple solution concepts. These design methods aim at helping researchers collect data at scale and get insight into their research questions in a way that is not possible with the existing approaches. Overall, through my dissertation work I want to open up future work on designing for large-scale online communication and collaboration as well as large-scale online communication and collaboration for better design.