Designing Better Teammates by Understanding Ourselves

Paul Stegall
Postdoctoral Scholar
Northern Arizona University
Associate Professor Chen Qian.

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Description:  Robotic teammates have the unique advantage and challenge that we have the ability to design them,
and while we may know what we desire in a teammate, actually manifesting those characteristics is
difficult. In order to achieve the goal of creating our desired teammate it requires a greater
understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of design elements, as well as ourselves. In this
presentation Paul Stegall will present prior work on the use of exoskeleton devices for rehabilitation and
pathology identification, current work on human ability augmentation, and plans for future research.

Speaker Bio:  Paul Stegall is a postdoctoral scholar at Northern Arizona University's Biomechatronics Lab
working on coordinated joint control of exoskeletons for children living with cerebral palsy,
following another postdoctoral position at MIT with work consisting of developing control and
information sharing strategies to improve human/exoskeleton fluency. Prior to that Paul taught
in the Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics Department at The University of
Pennsylvania. Paul earned a B.S. from Johns Hopkins University, and a Ph.D from Columbia
University working on robot assisted gait training for stroke survivors and how the design of
mechanical and control systems impacts the effectiveness of gait training. Paul’s research
interests lie in how to use technology to improve people’s quality of life, and in improving our
understanding of how the human body and mind work.