Advancement: Justice and Equity-Based Frameworks for Technology Design with Disabled Communities

Leya Breanna Baltaxe-Admony
Computational Media PhD Student
Virtual Event
Sri Kurniawan & Kathryn Ringland

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Description: Assistive technology design and accessibility research are directly concerned with populations who have been historically oppressed. The need for careful consideration of work with marginalized communities is becoming well recognized in HCI spaces. HCI research is fundamentally about understanding and building technology with and for people. In recent years, many papers have grappled with potential harms and impacts we may have as researchers, engineers, and designers. Yet, there are limited onboarding pathways for people who want to conduct equity and justice based research with marginalized communities within assistive technology and accessibility. Instead, it's often a matter of relying on research mentors, connections, and a conducive environment that determines engagement with ethics and justice. In this dissertation, I take a disability justice perspective to discuss and develop strategies, methods, and pedagogical pathways for early career engineers, researchers, and designers who work with marginalized populations.