Advancement: Classifying the Isoform Landscape in a Circadian Time Course

Alexander Zee
Biomolecular Engineering & Bioinformatics PhD Student
Virtual Event
Chris Vollmers

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Description: The mammalian circadian clock is an autoregulatory feedback process that is responsible for homeostasis in mouse livers. These circadian processes are well understood at the gene level; however, the isoform landscape of the same circadian processes are not. Understanding this isoform landscape is crucial to identifying additional therapeutic targets against metabolic diseases, and cancers. To investigate this isoform landscape, we generated and sequenced full-length cDNA libraries from a time course of 12 mouse livers collected across 24 hours. These libraries produced consensus reads which we used to define and quantify isoforms across this time course. From this data, we have detected circadian oscillations in the isoform level of mouse genes. The results provide a framework for functionally annotating these isoforms as well as a baseline for future circadian isoform work.