Advancement: Market creativity: evolving style in multi-agent systems

Asiiah Song
Computational Media PhD Student
Virtual Event
Jim Whitehead

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Description: The standards of measuring creativity in computational creativity are unsatisfactory in that there is generally a gap between the abstract concepts used to define creativity and the metrics used to measure them. As a result, measurement of creativity in computational systems often fall back to human evaluation, which is time-consuming and costly. Coming from the point of view that it is valuable for computational creativity systems to express the machine's condition of existence, I propose the exchange value theory of creativity, which we call "market" creativity. Essentially, that within the context of a multi-agent system of creative agents that have a market exchange of generated artifacts, the market price of an artifact can be used as a metric for creativity. This is creativity-theory-neutral, creative-domain-neutral, concretely measurable, and independent of human evaluation.