2022 Natural Language Processing Capstone Workshop


Description: Join us for the 2022 Natural Language Processing Capstone Workshop! UCSC's Natural Language Processing (NLP) master's program equips students with the skills and in-depth knowledge needed for a successful career in the rapidly growing NLP field. This year, NLP M.S. students worked in teams mentored by industry experts to develop capstone projects that address real-world NLP challenges. Join us virtually August 26th, 1–5 p.m. to learn about each project and participate in our NLP industry panel.

Workshop sessions:

  • Keynote Address: Hear insights about the future of NLP from incoming UCSC CSE & NLP faculty member, Professor Ian Lane.
  • NLP Capstone Projects: Watch student teams present capstone projects mentored by industry experts from IBM, Interactions, LinkedIn, and Google.
  • NLP Industry Panel: Join our expert panel of leading scientists for insights on career opportunities in the NLP field.

The 2022 NLP capstone projects and mentors are:

  • IBM Research: Probing of Language Models for Code
  • Interactions: Neural Models of Supertagging for Semantic Role Labeling and Beyond
  • LinkedIn: Comparing Dictionaries and Word Embeddings
  • Google and UCSC: Multimodal Knowledge Extraction and Question Answering in Farming

To register for the 2022 NLP Capstone Workshop, please complete this form: https://ucsc.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_xOV5vxrgQpWjaeCcK_ZFMA

Learn more about this year's Capstone projects and mentors by visiting https://nlp.ucsc.edu/capstone-projects/.

If you have any questions about the event, please contact UCSC's NLP Program Team by emailing nlp@ucsc.edu.