Ph.D. Writing Workshop Series: Understanding the Form and Function of the Proposal

Engineering 2, Room 180
Baskin Engineering Graduate Student Affairs

*This is the second workshop of a three-part series. Students can attend the entire series or individual workshops*

Register by January 28th:

Description: This workshop will build on Workshop 1 by walking students through a close analysis of successful Baskin Engineering thesis proposal examples. It will also help participants understand how the proposal connects to other texts and activities (thesis, published papers, future research, etc.). Participants will leave this workshop (i) understanding how the proposal's features relate to the genre's social function; (ii) how the proposal is not just a "must-do" one-off, but is a useful and important part of a larger network of activity; and (iii) having developed an outline or proposal map they can use to prepare a draft for Workshop #3: Drafting, Revising, and Editing the Proposal.