Build 30 of human genome released


The UCSC Genome Bioinformatics Group has added the latest human genome assembly (Build 30) from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) to the UCSC Genome Browser and BLAT search tool. Bulk downloads of the genome and technical information about the data are also available on the UCSC Genome Browser website.

This assembly was produced at NCBI based on sequence information submitted into GenBank, an annotated database of all genetic sequences available publicly from the NIH, as of June 28, 2002.

Build 30 is an excellent, high-quality assembly that contains nearly 87% finished sequence and 94%-97% coverage. The sequence coverage of this build is much higher than in previous releases, and there is a high level of correspondence between the sequence and the map.

Currently, the Human Genome Project appears to be on track to achieve the goal of finishing at least 95% of the human genome (using Bermuda standards) by April 2003.

The UCSC team that produced this release consists of Matt Schwartz, Angie Hinrichs, Terry Furey, Yontao Lu, Ryan Weber, Jim Kent, and Donna Karolchik.