Baskin Engineering announces Dean's and Chancellor's Award winners

Dean Alexander Wolf with the 2017-18 Dean's and Chancellor's Award Winners
Tyler Bartholome

Each academic year, the Deans and the Chancellor honor the achievements of students who go above and beyond in scholarship and creativity in their undergraduate studies. Students selected for the Dean’s and Chancellor’s Awards are those whose work exemplifies the mission of UC Santa Cruz to provide an educationally enterprising campus focused on progress through innovation.  

Award selection is based on the quality, innovation and creativity of student projects completed throughout the normal course of the students’ academic activities. This year, the Baskin School of Engineering’s winning individual and team projects are: 

Automatized Surface Functionalization for Diagnostic System 

  • Eduardo Hirata Miyasaki
  • Aditya Anantha Narayan Gumparthi
  • Ali M E Kh H Aljuraidan 

Bugs Without Borders 

  • Pratibha Jagannatha
  • Thuy-Khanh Tran-Dao
  • Tyler Dylan Myer
  • Alexander Bryant Pearce 
  • Brittney Dalleen Wick 
  • Casidee Frances McDonough 
  • Daniel Martin Schmelter 
  • Evan Alec Pepper-Tunick
  • Jethro Mitchell Marasigan 
  • Marissa Victoria Taub 
  • Mark Christian Lund
  • Mckenna Hicks 
  • Sara Medor 
  • Thomas Miranda Sousa  

CNNs on FPGAs for Track Reconstruction 

  • Thomas D Boser   

Designing an EMG-Controlled Assistive Glove for Stroke Survivors 

  • Margaret A Pearce  

Elucidating the Relationship Between Wnt and AR Pathways in Prostate Basal Cells During Homeostasis 

  • Alexander Kenneth Zee 

Indoor Autonomous Navigation System 

  • Daniel Cornelius Hunter 
  • Kelvin Chau Silva
  • Kevin Antonio Beher 
  • Kyle Stokes Ebding 
  • Juan Cristian Huerta  

Sources of HIV-1 Mutations During Infection

  • Jimmy Chan  

Electrospatial Analog Front End for Monitoring of Cerebral Organoids 

  • Henry Julian Hinton  

Exploring Transposable Elements Regulated by ZNF649

  • Joshua S. Gu 

Sequencing and Assembly of Varroa Destructor Genome 

  • Blaise Arman Nasri
  • Aisling Lorraine O'Farrell
  • Juan Carlos Perez 
  • Adam Lamine Zoubeidi
  • Samuel Robert Royle

Each of these teams brings to the table exciting ideas that are a result of tremendous dedication to their undergraduate studies at UC Santa Cruz. The Baskin School of Engineering is proud to recognize these teams and their projects as embodying the purpose of the UC Santa Cruz campus—to use one’s studies not only to inform themselves, but to inform others, and to find a way to apply these studies in order to make an impact on the world.