CROSS selected as Mentor Organization for Google Summer of Code 2019

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Stephanie Lieggi

The Center for Research in Open Source Software (CROSS) was selected to be a mentor organization for the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2019 Program. This will be CROSS’s second year as a mentor organization – the only UC-affiliated organization to be given this honor. 

The GSoC program introduces undergraduate students from around the globe to open source software development. GSoC Mentor Organizations, like CROSS, pair mentors with student participants, giving these students the opportunity to work on established open source software projects with experienced mentors. Selected students are paid a stipend by GSoC to undertake a 3-month programming project that directly contributes to an active open source project. Project proposals are developed by student applicants and selected by the mentor organizations. Since its start 2005, GSoC has supported the work for over 14,000 students from more than 118 countries worldwide. GSoC has also  produced over 35,000,000 lines of code for more than 650 open source projects. 

GSoC's goals align very closely with the CROSS mission to foster successful OSS projects and cultivate the next generation of open source leaders. CROSS’s previous participation in GSoC proved very beneficial to the Center’s projects and mentors. GSoC also provided CROSS with as an opportunity to identify and attract talented students interested in building their future careers in OSS. 

CROSS Incubator Fellow and 2018 GSoC mentor Ivo Jimenez noted that: “GSoC is a great experience that allows you to engage with a global community of people that are passionate about OSS and mentoring. In addition, you get to help young, highly motivated minds gain more experience as OSS developers. On top of all this, you end up with a cool new feature in your project, a potential long-time member in your community and, hopefully, a new friend.” 

During the 2018 GSoC program, CROSS mentored students successfully completed their projects and both mentors and students considered it a highly positive experience. GSoC students continue to contribute to CROSS projects and our mentors continue to provide guidance on their contributions. 

CROSS 2018 GSoC student Ankan Podder expressed that GSoC helped him “immensely to grow as a developer and understand the dynamics of a live open-source applications.” He also noted that he was excited to use his “new found knowledge to contribute to other open-source projects” and expand his horizons. [For a full overview of the work done by CROSS 2018 GSoC students see] 

On May 6, 2019, GSoC officially announced the acceptance of four CROSS mentored students for 2019. This year, CROSS chose student proposals that will directly contribute to two CROSS incubator projects – Black Swan/Popper and Skyhook. The students selected are: 

  • Jayjeet Chakraborty, National Institute of Technology, (Durgapur, India)

  • Barbara Dorame, Universidad de Sonora (Sonora, Mexico)
  • Mohd Arshul Mansoori, Ambedkar Institute (Delhi, India)
  • Ashay Shirwadkar, University of Pune (Maharashtra, India)

Incoming GSoC Student Ashay Shirwadkar noted that he applied to CROSS because he “was intrigued by the variety of work done in the Center. GSoC gave me an excellent opportunity to be a part of open source research group. Ashay also added that it is “an honor to be contributing at the birthplace of Ceph." 

The GSoC student “coding period” is from May 28 to August 19, 2019, and students are evaluated by their mentors throughout these three months. At the end of the program, GSoC mentors judge whether students have successfully completed their summer project. The final results of student work will be announced on September 2, 2019. 

CROSS looks forward to working with our newest GSoC students and expects another set of successful projects this year.