CruzHacks 2021 to be held virtually January 15 to 17

Date (Public Affairs)

CruzHacks, the annual student-run hackathon at UC Santa Cruz, is going virtual in 2021 and will be held via an online platform from January 15 to 17.

CruzHacks is the largest hackathon in Santa Cruz. Each year, organizers invite hundreds of students to develop solutions to real-world problems, pursue inclusion in tech, and kindle the spirit of innovation.

While there will not be an in-person hackathon in 2021, the organizers hope that the virtual platform will make CruzHacks accessible to hundreds more attendees. Of the roughly 450 attendees who participated in CruzHacks 2020, 81% were UCSC students while the rest hailed from outside the university. Participants included undergraduates, graduate students, high school students, and lifelong learners from around the world.

CruzHacks takes pride in expanding diversity within the tech industry by providing opportunities for underrepresented communities and encouraging all attendees to chart new paths with technology.

Applications are now open for hackers, mentors, and judges. The deadline for applications is December 28, 2020. For more information, visit the CruzHacks website at