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Engineering 2 building at dusk


Engineering 2 building at dusk

Academic Departments at Baskin Engineering

The Baskin School of Engineering at UC Santa Cruz represents a rare combination of world-class, high-impact research on a campus known for social responsibility and diversity. We offer forward-looking, interdisciplinary programs and engage in visionary research that improves the world and our place in it through bold and socially responsible innovation.

Students in Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics

Focus on mathematical methods and reasoning to solve real-world scientific and decision-making problems.

Student in Biomolecular Engineering

Biomolecular Engineering

Participate in leading-edge discoveries in health engineering by studying areas such as protein engineering, stem cell engineering, and synthetic biology.

3 students enjoying Computational Media games

Computational Media

Engage in boundary-pushing research and education that integrates technical, interpretive, and design work to create human-centered media for societal impact.

Students working on laptops at CruzHacks event

Computer Science and Engineering

Transform the future through the power of computing while learning highly relevant concepts such as machine learning, cybersecurity, data processing, and more.

Electrical and Computer Engineering students

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Be a problem solver on campus by studying robotics and control systems, electronic circuits and energy systems, photonic, electronic, and magnetic devices, and more.

Student in Statistics


Focus on the development of innovative methods for collecting, summarizing, analyzing, and interpreting data.

Student finding their path in Engineering Management Programs

Engineering Management Programs

Pursue a career in the management of information and technology.