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Biomolecular Engineering

The Biomolecular Engineering (BME) Department within the Baskin School of Engineering features an interdisciplinary blend of engineering, biology, chemistry, and statistics designed to foster collaboration with other departments. This blend reflects our vision of the direction that biomedical discovery will take over the next two decades.

Members of the Biomolecular Engineering Department collaborate actively with faculty from other engineering departments and with the Physical and Biological Sciences departments of Molecular, Cell, and Developmental BiologyChemistry and BiochemistryMicrobiology and Environmental ToxicologyEcology and Evolutionary Biology, and Ocean Sciences.

Solving a centuries-old origins of animal life mystery

comb jelly

Researchers discovered the pivotal moment when the comb jelly, an ancient organism, became the first to diverge from the animal tree of life—providing new insight into how key features of animal anatomy have evolved over time.

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Career Opportunities with a Biomolecular Engineering Degree

Professor Todd Lowe and a student in his lab
  • Research Scientist
  • Product Manager
  • Engineer
  • Field Technician
  • Process Engineer
  • IT Specialist/Analyst

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