Top rankings unlocked

The latest U.S. News and World Report ranks Baskin Engineering’s computer game design program #5 in the nation

From concept to commercialization: How UCSC researchers revolutionized DNA sequencing
An engineering-astrophysics collaboration

Professors Holger Schmidt and Kevin Bundy team up to develop cutting-edge spectrometers-on-a-chip with applications for telescope instrumentation and beyond

New findings promising for cancer early detection

Assistant Professor Daniel Kim's lab discovered a previously unknown RNA
biomarker, a promising step in the development of new tests for cancer early detection

TIME's 100 Most Influential People of 2022

Assistant Professor Karen Miga has been selected for her T2T Consortium work
on completing the first gapless sequence of a human genome 


The Baskin School of Engineering at UC Santa Cruz represents a rare combination of world-class, high-impact research on a campus known for social responsibility and diversity. We offer forward-looking, interdisciplinary programs of study and engage in visionary research that improves the world and our place in it through bold and socially responsible innovation.


A new report from a National Science Foundation (NSF) steering committee led by UC Santa Cruz Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Matthew Guthaus offers guidance on revitalizing the hardware workforce by increasing access to education.
In partnership with Stanford University and UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz is recruiting engineering and physics master’s students for a two-year integrated circuit design traineeship program.


Zerina Kapetanovic
Organizer: Steve McGuire
Virtual Event
Inclusion at Baskin Engineering
Inclusivity at UCSC

Baskin Engineering and the UCSC campus have many resources to provide access and promote academic excellence to historically underrepresented students. Be sure to visit the Baskin Engineering Inclusive Excellence Hub.

BE Innovators
Co-founder of Immergo Labs Ash Robbins shown interacting with the Immergo platform

Incorporating values of tech for social good, inclusivity, and accessibility, Baskin Engineering alumni Aviv Elor, Michael Powell, and Ash Robbins founded Immergo Labs to develop the world’s first virtual and interactive telehealth platform for physical therapy.