Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty

  • A

  • Shiva Abbaszadeh

    Shiva Abbaszadeh

    • Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • 831-459-4929
    • Engineering 2, Room 243A
    • Imaging detector technology
    • Biomedical sensors
    • Image processing and statistical performance assessment
    • Instrumentation for emission tomography (PET and SPECT)
    • Liquids and glassy materials
    • Nanomaterial-mediated radiation therapy
    • Novel isotope identification algorithms
    • Radiological Science
    • Mixed-signal circuit design

  • Sara Abrahamsson

    Sara Abrahamsson

    • Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Baskin Engineering 257B
    • Bioelectronics, optical systems, multifocus microscopy, diffractive Fourier optics design and nanofabrication for live 3D bioimaging

  • C

  • Austin Chen

    • Engineering 2, Room 237B
    • Analog/RF/mm-wave integrated circuits for wireless communications and radar sensors
    • RF/mm-wave power amplifier design using silicon-based and III-V semiconductor technologies
    • Energy-efficient silicon-based phased-array transceivers
    • Scalable and multibeam array architecture for massive MIMO
    • Calibration and compensation techniques for RF SoCs
    • AI- and ML-assisted RF IC and system design

  • Yihsu Chen

    Yihsu Chen

    • Professor, Technology Management in Sustainability, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Interim Undergraduate Director, ECE
    • 831-502-7184
    • Engineering 2, Room 549B
    • Economics and policy in energy, water resources and transportation sectors

  • Keith Corzine

    Keith Corzine

    • Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • 459-5296
    • Baskin Engineering, Room 253A
    • Power electronics, electric machinery, power systems, renewable energy, microgrids

  • Renwick Curry

    Renwick Curry

    • Adjunct Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • 831-234-8056
    • Path planning for autonomous air and land vehicles; design and flight testing of UAV guidance and navigation systems

  • D

  • Max Dunne

    • Baskin Engineering, 249

  • E

  • Gabriel Hugh Elkaim

    Gabriel Hugh Elkaim

    • Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Undergraduate Director (Robotics)
    • 831-459-3054
    • Engineering 2, Room 337B
    • Embedded systems; robust software architectures for real-time reactive systems; sensor fusion; guidance, navigation, and control (GNC) system identification; robust and advanced control schemes; feedback and control systems; robotics; unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs); cooperative control

  • Jason Kamran Jr Eshraghian

  • F

  • Tela Favaloro

    • Lecturer Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Director Sustainability Lab Maker Space
    • 831-459-3877 (Office)
    • Baskin Engineering Room 249

  • Benjamin Friedlander

    Benjamin Friedlander

    • Professor Emeritus, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • 650-530-0259
    • Engineering 2, Room 241B
    • Digital communications, wireless communications, array processing, geolocation, statistical signal processing, radar signal processing

  • G

  • Claire Gu

    Claire Gu

    • Professor Emeritus, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • 831-459-5296
    • Baskin Engineering, Room 253B
    • Fiber sensors for bio-applications, optical fiber communications, volume holographic data storage, liquid crystal displays, nonlinear optics, optical information processing

  • Matthew Guthaus

    Matthew Guthaus

    • Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
    • Associate Dean for Graduate Studies
    • Engineering 2, Room 595-L
    • Electronic Computer-Aided Design (ECAD)
    • Design Automation
    • Chip design (VLSI)
    • Low-power circuits
    • Clocking circuits and design automation
    • Memory circuits and design automation
    • Systems-on-Chips
    • Circuit Optimization
    • Physical Design
    • Open Source Software

  • I

  • Michael S. Isaacson

    Michael S. Isaacson

    • Narinder Singh Kapany Professor Emeritus, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • 607-283-3133
    • 1500 41st Avenue
    • Suite 220
    • Capitola, California 95010
    • nanofabrication technology
    • electron and ion optics
    • novel electron and optical microscopy systems
    • renewable energy systems
    • nanomaterial characterization
    • STEM education

  • J

  • Colleen Josephson

    • Assistant Professor
    • BE-243
    • AgTech
    • wireless sensing
    • wireless communication
    • sustainability
    • agriculture
    • IoT

  • K

  • Sung-Mo "Steve" Kang

    Sung-Mo "Steve" Kang

    • Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Chancellor Emeritus, UC Merced
    • Baskin Engineering, Room 239
    • Low-power, high-speed VLSI circuit design and synthesis, memristors and memristive systems, bioelectronic circuits, VLSI CAD and modeling

  • Sujung Kim

  • Nobuhiko P. Kobayashi

    Nobuhiko P. Kobayashi

    • Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • 831-459-3571
    • Baskin Engineering, Room 247
    • Physics and chemistry of hybrid functional materials, group III-V compound semiconductor materials and devices, low-dimensional materilas for geometric and waveguide opticsectronics, low-dimensional materilas for electronics and optoelectronics

  • M

  • Patrick Mantey

    Patrick Mantey

    • Jack Baskin Professor of Computer Engineering Emeritus
    • Founding Dean, Baskin School of Engineering
    • Professor Emeritus / Recall Research Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Director Senior Design Capstone
    • Resilient and Renewable Electrical Energy Systems Laboratory
    • 831-459-2720
    • Engineering 2, Room 573
    • Digital signal processing, control and automation
    • Sensor systems, internet of things, cyber physical systems
    • Electric distribution grids and micro-grids, power distribution resiliency, energy management, demand response
    • Decision support/recommender systems for real-time operations, management of renewable energy, storage and consumption in micro grids
    • Home activity monitoring
    • Geographic information systems in real-time resource allocation
    • Information system architecture and performance, networking QoS, storage and multimedia streaming
    • Technology for teaching / tutoring / classrooms
    • Engineering management

  • Steve McGuire

    Steve McGuire

    • Field robotics, perception, human/robot interaction, psychophysiology, supervisory control, human-in-the-loop decision making, high-risk environments

  • Dejan Milutinovic

    Dejan Milutinovic

    • Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • 831-459-3831
    • Engineering 2, Room 319
    • Stochastic and nonlinear control, optimization, stochastic processes and estimation, hybrid and discrete event systems, signal processing and real-time computer control with applications to robotics, air-traffic and multi-agent systems

  • N

  • Nhan Nguyen

    • 650-815-6886
    • E2-325
    • Adaptive Control
    • Optimal Control
    • Distributed Parameter PDE Control

  • O

  • Michael M. Oye

    Michael M. Oye

    • Assistant Adjunct Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Director, Materials Analysis for Collaborative Science Facility
    • Associate Director, Advanced Studies Laboratories
    • Engineering 2, Room 243B
    • NASA Ames Research Center, Building N239, Room 163
    • Nanotechnology-based materials and devices for applications involving solar, piezoelectric, graphene, lighting, and chemical sensors
    • Courses:EE 293-02EE 293-50

  • P

  • Leila Parsa

    Leila Parsa

    • Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • 831-459-2451
    • Baskin Engineering, Room 259A
    • Power electronics; electric machines and drives

  • Ken Pedrotti

    Ken Pedrotti

    • Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • 831-251-4691
    • Baskin Engineering, Room 253C
    • Integrated circuit design for communications, analog electronics, radio frequency integrated circuits, low-phase-noise oscillators, frequency synthesis, VLSI clock distribution, optical communications, high-speed electronics for lightwave systems, devices for all optical networking and imaging

  • Stephen Petersen

    Stephen Petersen

    • Teaching Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • 831-459-4782
    • Baskin Engineering, Room 251

  • R

  • Zouheir Rezki

    Zouheir Rezki

    • Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • 831-459-1073
    • Engineering 2, Room 245A
    • Labs: Engineering 2, Room 246
    • Wireless Communications and Networking
    • Security and Privacy of Data Networks
    • Information Theory
    • Applying Machine-Learning techniques to design and optimize Communication Systems
    • Optical Communications
    • Communication as an Enabling Technology for Smart Grids

  • Marco Rolandi

    Marco Rolandi

    • Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • 831-459-3821
    • Baskin Engineering, Room 253B
    • Bioelectronics for Biological control applied to synthetic biology and tissue regeneration. Visual Communication in Science and Engineering.

  • S

  • Hamid R. Sadjadpour

    Hamid R. Sadjadpour

    • Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • 831-459-1483
    • Engineering 2, Room 245B
    • Wireless communications, Digital Communications, information-theoretic security, analysis of networks and protocols, Wireless energy harvesting

  • Ricardo Sanfelice

    Ricardo Sanfelice

    • Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • 831-459-1016
    • Engineering 2, Room 517
    • Modeling, stability, robust control, observer design, and simulation of nonlinear and hybrid systems with applications to power systems, robotics, aerospace, and biology

  • Holger Schmidt

    Holger Schmidt

    • Distinguished Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Narinder Singh Kapany Endowed Chair of Optoelectronics
    • Director, W.M. Keck Center for Nanoscale Optofluidics
    • Fellow, IEEE, Optical Society of America, National Academy of Inventors
    • 831-459-1482
    • Baskin Engineering, Room 245
    • Optofluidics, atom photonics, hollow-core photonics for biomedicine and quantum optics, nano-magnetism, nano-magneto-optics, spintronics, single-particle spectroscopy, ultrafast optics, integrated nanopore devices

  • Satnam Singh

  • T

  • Mircea Teodorescu

    Mircea Teodorescu

    • Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Engineering 2, Room 559
    • robotics, bioengineering and bioelectrionics

  • V

  • John Vesecky

    John Vesecky

    • Professor Emeritus, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • 831-459-4099
    • Baskin Engineering, Room 262
    • HF radar design and construction and observation of ocean surface winds, waves and currents with applications to coastal and deep water ocean processes

  • W

  • Donald M. Wiberg

    Donald M. Wiberg

    • Professor Emeritus, Electrical Engineering, UCLA
    • 831-459-5560 (office)
    • 831-246-3763 (cell)
    • Engineering 2, Room 241A
    • Control systems, phased lock loops, Kalman filtering, recursive linear system parameter estimation, dynamic system adaptive fault detection, adaptive optics for large telescopes, biomedical system modeling

  • Y

  • Toshishige Yamada

    Toshishige Yamada

    • Adjunct Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • 408-475-9041
    • Engineering 2, Room 247A
    • Nanoscience and nanotechnology; physics of advanced electronic materials and devices including nanowires and nanocarbons for electronic, optoelectronic, and energy applications; materials theory and device modeling based on energy bands, equivalent circuits, analytical methods, Monte Carlo, and tight-binding; comparison to experiments.

  • A. Ali Yanik

    A. Ali Yanik

    • Assist. Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
    • 831-459-3491
    • Baskin Engineering, Room 257C
    • Nanoplasmonics and metamaterials; lab-on-chip systems: optofluidic bionems, nanofluidics and label free biosensors; nanospectroscopy: plasmonic nanoantennas and single molecule vibrational dynamics; rare cell isolation and single cell analysis

  • Z

  • Yu Zhang

    Yu Zhang

    • Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • 831-459-2921 (Office)
    • Engineering 2, Room 547B
    • Smart grids, cyber-physical systems, machine learning, big data analytics, optimization, operations research, wireless communications, and signal processing.