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International Memristor team wins Best Paper Award at IEEE MOCAST 2020

A paper produced during an international collaboration between the Technical University of Dresden (TUD), UC Berkeley, and UC Santa Cruz has received the Electronics, Circuits and Systems Paper Award at the IEEE 5th International Conference on Modern Circuits and Systems Technologies (MOCAST).

Steve Kang
Steve Kang, professor of electrical and computer engineering

The paper, “Image Mem-Processing Cellular Bio-Inspired Arrays with Bistable and Analogue Dynamic Memristors,” highlights a universal cellular nonlinear network (CNN) with a memristor as a key component and its application to computationally efficient image processing for cancerous cell detection (and other applications.).

Alon Ascoli (Technical University of Dresden), Ioannis Messaris (TUD), Ronald Tetzlaff (TUD), Sung-Mo “Steve” Kang (UC Santa Cruz) and Leon O. Chua (UC Berkeley) are named as authors. There were two other paper awards at the conference. The others are the Communications Best Paper Award and the Best Student Paper Award.

“This award would not have happened without a series of mutual visits,” said UC Santa Cruz Professor Sung-Mo “Steve” Kang. “Leon Chua and I visited TU-Dresden in the summer of 2019, followed by TU-Dresden faculty (Ascoli, Tetzlaff) who visited UCSC in the month of September 2019. A huge thank you to the staff for making it possible.”

The idea of the memristor device originated by Leon Chua in 1971, was generalized by Chua and Kang as a part of Kang’s Ph.D. thesis at UCB in 1976, and was realized as a solid-state device by HP (Stan Williams’s group) in 2008. Today, researchers are finding novel applications in computing, image processing, neuromorphic computing, mass storage and other areas..

For more information about the memristor at UC Santa Cruz, please visit: https://nisl.soe.ucsc.edu/

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