Dr. Bruce Damer

  • Research Associate - Biomolecular Engineering
  • Biomolecular Engineering
  • SOE2
  • For a complete CV see my personal page at: http://www.damer.com
  • My research areas focus on: 1) Chemical models for the origins of life set in inland hydrothermal springs or pools in the early Archaean. 2) Lipid and amino acid chemistry subject to cycles of hydration and dehydration. 3) Application of computational and complexity theory models to emergent function within chemical systems. 4) Design of spacecraft missions for asteroid and comet sample return.
  • Ph.D. College of Human Sciences, University College Dublin, 2011
  • MSEE, Electrical Engineering/Optics, University of Southern California, 1986
  • B.Sc, Computer Science, University of Victoria, 1984

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