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Computer Science and Engineering Degree Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate programs in computer science and engineering prepare students for rewarding careers in many h3erse areas. Beyond the extensive research, design, and development projects taking place within courses required for the degrees, many computer science and engineering students join faculty-led research projects to take part in cutting-edge research.

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Computer Science B.A.

The B.A. program is designed to give students a solid grounding in both theoretical and practical topics in computer science, computer engineering, and mathematics.

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Computer Science B.S.

B.S. degrees in computer science lay the foundation for students who wish to pursue careers in h3erse areas.

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Computer Engineering B.S.

The B.S. in computer engineering prepares graduates for a rewarding career in engineering through five specialized concentrations.

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Network and Digital Technology B.A.

This B.A. provides students with in-depth knowledge of the underlying structure and function of network and computer technology.

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Computer Science Minor

The minor in computer science is for students interested in applications in other areas of study, including art, music, business, and science.

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Computer Engineering Minor

The minor in computer engineering focuses on the technical aspects of computer hardware, embedded systems, and software design.

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Graduate Programs

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers M.S. and Ph.D. programs in Computer Science and Engineering. In addition, the CSE Department offers a professional master’s degree program in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and supervises the legacy Computer Engineering (CE) programs. Learn more about CSE graduate programs, including important dates, admissions, funding, and more.

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Computer Science and Engineering M.S.

The Computer Science and Engineering Department offers an M.S. degree program pursuing either Thesis Plan I or Capstone Plan II.

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Natural Language Processing M.S.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) focuses on the development of computer programs that can understand, generate, and learn from human language for useful purposes.

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Computer Science and Engineering B.S/M.S. Pathway

Undergraduate students from any major in the Baskin School of Engineering can apply to the pathway in order to earn a bachelor’s degree together with an M.S. degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

Human Language Media and Modeling Designated Emphasis

The graduate designated emphasis, leading to the degree notation “with an emphasis in Human-Language Media and Modeling” is a collaboration of Computer Science and Engineering, Linguistics, and Psychology.

Computer Science and Engineering Ph.D.

Students admitted to the Ph.D. program usually receive financial support in the form of a combination of fellowships, teaching assistantships, and/or graduate research assistantships.

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