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Sam Trujillo: Undergraduate Student

Degree Program: Computer Science, B.S.

Department: Computer Science and Engineering

Hometown: Menlo Park, CA

LinkedIn: Sam Trujillo’s LinkedIn

Sam Trujillo: Undergraduate Student

“Having a community of other students striving for the same goal as yourself gives you that foundation for success.”

This is one of five profiles spotlighting current and former transfer students as part of Baskin Engineering’s celebration of National Transfer Week, October 17–21, 2022.

Sam Trujillo is a computer science student at the Baskin School of Engineering. He transferred to UC Santa Cruz from Cañada College, located in Redwood City, CA.

What has your transfer student experience been like?

My experience was pretty rough since I transferred in fall 2020 during the pandemic. I transferred from a semester community college, so transiting to a quarter system and dealing with remote learning, my first year and half wasn’t the greatest. However, as things went back in person, I took advantage of what the school had to offer and joined organizations like MEP and clubs like Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, where I’ve met wonderful people. Surrounding myself with other students who have similar goals and backgrounds like me, after a year and half of remote learning, definitely gave me that motivation again. This year, I’m feeling great. I’m excited that things are back in person and also excited to be taking courses that will prepare me for industry.

What made you decide to be a part of Baskin Engineering? 

Growing up in the Bay Area and having friends who went to UCSC for engineering, I’ve heard great things about the programs Baskin Engineering offers for computer science and how well the school prepares you for industry. Since it’s a school close to Silicon Valley, I can learn from the best and still be close to the tech capital of the world. 

What do you like best about being an engineering major?

The challenges you face; being able to tackle them and find a solution. It’s awesome to slowly chip away at a problem and see your project come together. 

What advice would you give to other transfer students who are interested in joining Baskin Engineering? 

Join clubs and organizations that are affiliated with Baskin Engineering. Having a community of other students striving for the same goal as yourself gives you that foundation for success. 

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