UC Santa Cruz scientists Carol Greider and Daniel Kim to share innovative research using nanopore sequencing at London Calling 2024

Portrait photos of Carol Greider and Daniel Kim side by side

London Calling, a conference showcasing the latest research in nanopore sequencing technology, celebrates its 10th anniversary in May and will feature UC Santa Cruz professor and Nobel Laureate Carol Greider and Assistant Professor Daniel Kim as plenary presenters.

PBS’s ‘Easter Island Origins’ explores surprising genetic research to help tell the story of the Rapa Nui people

Five giant stone heads characteristic to Rapa Nui standing in a row with blue sky in the background

Ishaan Bansal, a second-year computer science and engineering student at UC Santa Cruz, won first place in the Interactive Media track at HackMIT, an annual student-run hackathon held in the fall at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Haofan Cai: Alumna

Haofan Cai, Ph.D. alumna

Degree Program: Computer Science and Engineering, Ph.D.
Department: Computer Science and Engineering
Undergraduate Institution: Southern University of Science and Technology, China, Communications Engineering, B.S.
Advisor: Chen Qian

“The most important thing is to have confidence in yourself. Although you will encounter many challenges and become frustrated at times during your program, you need to remain confident in your capabilities as an engineer.”