First Tech4Good luncheon underscores importance of experiential learning and community engagement

David Lee, assistant professor of computational media

The inaugural luncheon provided an opportunity for Tech4Good Lab researchers to share their socially impactful work with the extended UCSC community.

Business strategy course provides value to local nonprofits, augments the experiential learning student experience

engineering 2 building

The Baskin School of Engineering Business Strategy and Information Systems course, offered in the spring, provides undergraduate students real-world experience and valuable technical skills through community-engaged consultancy projects.

Jessica Xie: Alumna

Degree Program: Technology and Information Management (TIM), B.S.
Graduate Institution: University of Edinburgh Business School, Scotland
Undergraduate Institution: UC Santa Cruz
Department: Computer Science and Engineering
Hometown: Rosemead, CA

“The TIM degree program encompassed everything that I was interested in because you get to learn about computer engineering, computer science, and business and information systems.”

Sabina Tomkins: Graduate Student

Sabina Tomkins: Graduate Student

Degree Program: Ph.D., Technology and Information Management
Graduate Institution: UC Santa Cruz
Undergraduate Institution: NYU
Department: Computer Science and Engineering
Hometown: Seattle

“I’m working on this human trafficking project. The broad question was whether environmental events affect human traffickers. We found an increase in mentions of certain ethnicities after hurricanes in these ads, especially ethnicities from Caribbean countries.”