Abigail Kaun: Staff

Abigail Kaun

Department: Baskin Engineering Dean’s Office
Graduate Institution: UCLA, Linguistics, Ph.D.
Undergraduate Institution: UCSB, Linguistics, B.A.

“I’ve worked with students my whole career, in all sorts of settings and with all sorts of objectives in life, but I have never worked with students who were more creative, collaborative, and dedicated than the engineering students at UC Santa Cruz.”

Sammy Tesfai: Undergraduate Student

Sammy Tesfai

Degree Program: Computer Engineering, B.S.
Department: Computer Science and Engineering
Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA

“What I like best about being an engineering major would be the amount of flexibility we are given to express our creativity into creating solutions to problems individuals can use in the real world.”

Noopur Raval: Postdoctoral Researcher

Noopur Raval: Postdoctoral Researcher

Graduate Institution: Jawaharlal Nehru University, Cinema Studies, M.Phil., Arts & Aesthetics, M.A.; UC Irvine, Informatics, Ph.D.
Undergraduate Institution: Christ University, (3 majors) Media Studies, English Literature, and Psychology, B.A.
Advisor: Norman Su
Department: Computational Media

“It’s important to learn by doing, take chances, and grow from those individual experiences.”

Amber Sargeant: Alumna

Degree Program: Serious Games, M.S.
Graduate Institution: UC Santa Cruz
Undergraduate Institution: UC Santa Cruz
Department: Computational Media

“I wanted to get an M.S. in serious games because I want to make games that explore topics important to me, such as climate change and mental health. I think these topics need more recognition in the media, and what better way to show it than through interactive media?”

Maryam Siddiqui: Undergraduate Student

Maryam Siddiqui: Undergraduate Student

Degree Program: Computer Science, B.S.; Electronic Music, minor
Department: Computer Science and Engineering

“There’s a lot of intersection between electronic music and computer science. In one of my classes, we’re using a specific music programming language to program our own sounds and electronic instruments. Doing these types of projects heightens my interest because I never thought I could blend those two fields and passions of mine together.”