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Eron Lake

Pronouns: (he/him/his)
Title: Associate Software Engineer
Company: Yahoo
Event Date: April 17, 2019
Special Guest for Diverse Voices 2019

Eron Lake

Eron Lake: Game Design

Eron was born and raised in San Jose, California. Both of his parents are from Guyana (South America). Eron was home-schooled by his mother and grandmother for the early part of his education. He then attended middle/high school in San Jose and eventually graduated from University of California Santa Cruz. Eron received his degree in both Computer Science and Computer Science: Game Desgin. 

Since graduating he has been working full-time at Verizon Media/Yahoo! Sports as an Associate Software Engineer. At the same time he worked as a Gameplay Programmer at an independent virtual reality gaming company. He is currently working on his own virtual reality game.

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