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Baskin Engineering alumnus, dean discuss 21st century leadership at virtual event

At Tuesday’s UC Santa Cruz University Forum, Baskin School of Engineering alumnus Michael Lopp was joined by Dean Alexander Wolf for a wide-ranging conversation on the topic “Leading Humans in the 21st Century.” Moderated by Adrienne Harrell, learning and talent development manager for UC Santa Cruz, Lopp and Wolf took turns throughout the night answering questions on what it takes to be an effective, inclusive leader in today’s workplace. A recording of the event is available on the Baskin Engineering YouTube channel.

Lopp, a veteran Silicon Valley-based engineering leader and author of three books, the most recent being The Art of Leadership: Small Things, Done Well, drew from his nearly three decades of experience working at the intersection of humans and technology in Silicon Valley to provide insight on leadership best practices, the importance of seeking feedback as a leader, and the steps we can take to build a more diverse and inclusive workplace. 

Wolf, dean and distinguished professor of computer science and engineering at the Baskin School of Engineering who has held various leadership positions, also shared insights from his experience as a leader to zero in on the importance of being adaptable, demonstrating understanding, and proactively finding new ways to build inclusion.

Questions ranged from how Lopp and Wolf have built community in the past year while being remote and who inspires their leadership style to how they—as white, male leaders—strive to establish credibility in promoting diversity and inclusion in their leadership practices. Both speakers shared candid insights, offered areas for improvement, and gave helpful tips on how to be a leader that meets the needs of employees in the 21st century. 

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