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CHI 2024 UCSC Contribution

The Department of Computational Media at the Baskin School of Engineering at UC Santa Cruz will contribute a diverse set of publications to CHI 2024, the flagship annual conference for Human-Computer Interaction and Design. 

UCSC Computational Media researchers made a significant impact at CHI 2024. They authored 12 full papers, including a Best Paper Award (top 1%) and an Honorable Mention (top 5%). Their contributions extended beyond papers, with one Alt.CHI presentation, five Late-Breaking Work pieces, one panel and an Interactivity exhibition. The group’s influence was further demonstrated by a workshop keynote address, one organized workshop, and participation in presenting seven workshop papers. Additionally, Computational Media faculty actively contributed to the conference organization and program committee.

CHI 2024, Surfing the World, 11-16 May 2024


Designing a Card-Based Design Tool to Bridge Academic Research & Design Practice For Societal Resilience.

Novia Nurain, Chia-Fang Chung, Clara Caldeira, and Kay Connelly.

“I Know I’m Being Observed:” Video Interventions to Educate Users about Targeted Advertising on Facebook

Garrett Smith, Sarah Carson, Rhea G Vengurlekar, Stephanie Morales, Yun-Chieh Tsai, Rachel George, Josh Bedwell, Trevor Jones, Mainack Mondal, Brian Smith, Norman Makoto Su, Bart Knijnenburg, and Xinru Page. Collaborators at Brigham Young University, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, and Clemson University.

“Backseat Gaming” A Study of Co-Regulated Learning within a Collegiate Male Esports Community

Damage Optimization in Video Games: A Player-Driven Co-Creative Approach

“Ah! I see” – Facilitating Process Reflection in Gameplay through a Novel Spatio-Temporal Visualization System.

  • Sai Siddartha Maram, Erica Kleinman, Jennifer Villareale, Jichen Zhu, Magy Seif El-Nasr

Social Justice in HCI: A Systematic Literature Review

“Caption it in an Accessible Way That is Also Enjoyable”: Characterizing User-Driven Captioning Practices on TikTok

“Community, Storytelling, and Play: Making and Breaking Rituals in Destiny 2”

Understanding Fraudulence in Online Qualitative Studies: From the Researcher’s Perspective

New Understandings of Loss: Examining the Role of Reflective Technology Within Bereavement and Meaning-Making

Dancing with the Roles: Towards Designing Technology that Supports the Multifaceted Roles of Caregivers for Older Adults

Supporting Experiential Learning in People with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Alt.CHI presentation

“That’s Not Good Science!”: An Argument for the Thoughtful Use of Formative Situations in Research Through Design


Virtual Reality for Health and Wellbeing of People with Disabilities.

Late Breaking Work

Participatory Design of a Serious Game to Improve Wildfire Preparedness with Community Residents and Experts

  • MJ Johns, Emmanuel Ezenwa Jr., Seunghyun Lee, Thomas Maiorana, Ciel Wood, Josh D Levano, Rita Tesfay, Michael Takami, Cameron A Dodd, Madison Li, Hanne Manning, Regis Pak, Lily Chen, Ria Saini, Mário Escarce Junior, Mennatullah Hendawy, Magy Seif El-Nasr, Edward Melcer, Katherine Isbister

Eye Ball: Gazing as a Dilemma in a Competitive Virtual Reality Game

Virtual Games, Real Interactions: A Look at Cross-reality Asymmetrical Co-located Social Games

  • Alexandra Kitson, Sun Joo (Grace) Ahn, Eric J Gonzalez, Peyod Panda, Katherine Isbister, Mar Gonzalez-Franco. 

Extracting the Affective Content of Fidgeting in Adults with ADHD via Machine Learning and a Hand-held Soft Tangible Device

Designing Shared VR Tools for Spatial Scientific Sensemaking About Wildfire Evacuation


Soothing Systems: A Meditative Somaesthetic Experience

Eddie Melcer

  • Title
    • Associate Professor
  • Department
    • Computational Media
Profile picture of Eddie Melcer



Design for Social and Emotional Wellbeing

EmpathiCHI Workshop

Katherine C Isbister

  • Title
    • Professor
  • Department
    • Computational Media
Profile picture of Katherine C Isbister

Workshop Organization

Forms of Fraudulence in Human-Centered Design: Collective Strategies and Future Agenda for Qualitative HCI Research

Workshop Papers

How an AI Generated Experience Impacts Negative Perceptions of AI

Augmenting Reality for Sustainable Dining

  • AR for Social Justice Workshop paper: MJ Johns, Eunsol Sol Choi, Derusha Baskaran. DinAR: 

The Challenges and Harms of Participant Fraudulence: Unpacking Fabricated Personal Experiences in HCI Qualitative Research

The Rhythm of Streaming: Enhancing Streaming Audio Experiences with Generative AI.

Social Physiological Data Awareness in Collocated Mixed Reality Movement

Revealing Aspects of Hawaiian Tourism Using Situated Augmented Reality

  • With or Without Permission Workshop paper: Karen Abe, Jules Park, Samir Ghosh.

Designing Interaction Approaches for Shared Sensemaking in XR

Conference Organization Committee

Panels Co-Chair with Patrick Tobias Fischer

Norman Makoto Su

  • Title
    • Associate Professor and Vice Chair of Human Computer Interaction
  • Department
    • Computational Media
Profile picture of Norman Makoto Su

Conference Program Committee

Associate Chair in Health Subcommittee

Christina Chung

  • Title
    • Assistant Professor
  • Department
    • Computational Media
Profile picture of Christina Chung

Associate Chair in Assistive Technology Subcommittee

Sri Hastuti Kurniawan

  • Title
    • Professor
  • Department
    • Computational Media
Profile picture of Sri Hastuti Kurniawan

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