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Engineering student award winners of Spring 2020

Congratulations Slug engineers!

Chancellor’s Awards (Spring 2020)

From the Dean’s Award recipient list, the Chancellor’s Award recognizes the top three projects from each division. These students are given an additional $500 award.

Posture Monitoring and Corrective Seat Cover 

Students and white-collar working individuals in modern society spend most of their day sitting down on a chair. In this state, most individuals pay little to no attention to maintaining a healthy posture. Improper posture affects the physical and mental state of an individual. This project is aimed at improving postural habits and preventing posture-related injuries and effects. The team built a consumer electronic product that alerts the user if their posture deviates from a healthy standard when seated. The seat cover contains a multiplex of capacitive proximity, ultrasonic and force sensors, with the aim of evaluating the user’s posture with sufficient coverage of their body from their neck to their thighs, and alerting them when their posture is improper. 

  • Ali Fallahi, Bioengineering BS
  • Christopher Robert Cheney, Bioengineering BS
  • Zachary Joseph Haughton, Bioengineering BS

Flow-based Detection of Rip Currents

Rip currents are like rivers of fast-moving water that can quickly carry the unwary out to sea. This project develops a flow-based method of detecting rip currents from short video clips. 

  • Issei Mori, Computer Science BS

De novo creation of spliceosomal introns by different transposition mechanisms across diverse eukaryotes

Introns are sequences interrupting genes that must be removed from mRNA before translation, and are a hallmark of eukaryotic genomes. Gozashti developed a computational pipeline for introner element detection and implemented it on all annotated assemblies on the Genbank database available through NCBI.

  • Landen Zackery Gozashti, Bioengineering BS

Dean’s Awards (Spring 2020)

The following students won the Dean’s Award of $100 for outstanding achievement in their division. Recipients are considered for the Chancellor’s Award. Winners of the Chancellor’s award also receive a Dean’s Award.

Ancestry HMM with Gene Conversion

  • Trevor Jay Ridgley, Biomolecular Engr & Bioinf BS

Characterization of the Differentiation Patterns of Histone H3 K27M Neural Stem Cells

  • Liam Herrera Tran, Bioengineering BS

Identifying and validating Wolbachia-to-arthropod HGT events

  • Serafina Maria Nieves, Bioengineering BS

Introner Elements drive ongoing intron gain in Oikopleura dioica

  • Preet Kaur, Bioinformatics BS & Bioengineering BS
  • Landen Zackery Gozashti, Bioengineering BS

Investigating Regulation of Nonsense-Mediated Decay During the Inflammatory Response

  • Matthew Arthur Cattle, Bioengineering BS

Protecting Newcastle Disease Vaccine with Intrinsically Disordered Proteins

  • James Robert Hahn, Bioengineering BS
  • Andrew Zarzar, Bioengineering BS
  • Aren Kent Pageler, Biomolecular Engr & Bioinf BS
  • Ikenna Anigbogu, Bioengineering BS
  • Jiasui Xu, Bioengineering BS
  • Jonah Pierce, Bioengineering BS
  • Liana Beld, Molec Cell Develop Biology BS
  • Preet Kaur, Bioinformatics BS & Bioengineering BS
  • Marcella Isabella Mirabelli, Molec Cell Develop Biology BS
  • Marcus Strauss, Computer Science BS
  • Martina Pedersen, Bioengineering BS
  • Melody Azimi, Biomolecular Engr & Bioinf BS
  • Rita Ousterhout, Molec Cell Develop Biology BS
  • Shayan Vahdani, Molec Cell Develop Biology BS
  • Varuna Dharasker, Bioengineering BS & Molec Cell Develop Biology BS

Sorting an Array Using the Topological Sort of Corresponding Comparison Graph

  • Balaram Das Behera, Computer Science BS

Huffman Prize (Spring 2020)

  • Jordan Ford, Bioengineering BS

Patrick Mantey Undergraduate Student Leadership Award (Spring 2020)

  • Eric Vin, Computer Science BS