Professor Shiva Abbaszadeh collaborating with Western Digital to advance the engineering of chalcogenide alloys in novel semiconductor devices

Shiva Abbaszadeh, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering (image courtesy of Christopher C. Lee @chrisclee.ig)
Baskin Engineering Communications

The Radiological Instrumentation Laboratory (RIL) directed by Shiva Abbaszadeh, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at the UC Santa Cruz Baskin School of Engineering, has entered into a research and development agreement with Western Digital, a leading data infrastructure company, to advance optical and electronic properties of chalcogenide alloys. 

Abbaszadeh has considerable experience investigating X-ray detectors based on amorphous selenium layers. In addition, RIL has the capabilities to perform material characterizations such as time-of-flight measurements to probe electron/hole mobility in chalcogenide alloy films. These measurements can provide greater insight into the electronic structure and defect states in chalcogenide alloys.

“We will use RIL fabrication and characterization capabilities to develop and fabricate novel devices based on chalcogenide alloys and evaluate their performance to develop models and engineer materials for the best performance in radiation detection and new applications,” Abbaszadeh said. “This is a great opportunity for students to have direct interaction with industry partners.”

Western Digital will supply funding to support a postdoctoral fellow in Abbaszadeh’s laboratory as well as funding to support fabrication of new alloys utilized in this project.