Abigail Kaun: Staff

Abigail Kaun

Department: Baskin Engineering Dean’s Office
Graduate Institution: UCLA, Linguistics, Ph.D.
Undergraduate Institution: UCSB, Linguistics, B.A.

“I’ve worked with students my whole career, in all sorts of settings and with all sorts of objectives in life, but I have never worked with students who were more creative, collaborative, and dedicated than the engineering students at UC Santa Cruz.”

UC Santa Cruz trailblazers featured in Santa Cruz Works 2022 Titans of Tech

2022 Titans of Tech

Alexander Wolf, Baskin Engineering dean, and Becca Fenwick, director of the CITRIS Initiative on Drone Education and Research, are two of the 11 tech professionals selected to be a part of the Santa Cruz Works 2022 Titans of Tech.

Andrea Peeters: Staff

Graduate Institution: Loyola Marymount University, M.A. Counseling & Capella University, Ph.D. Education
Undergraduate Institution: Washington State University
Department: Undergraduate Advising

“My two favorite days of the year are the first day of the academic year and commencement. To see students walk across the stage with the world at their fingertips is just rad!”

Zia Isola: Staff

Isola Zia

Graduate Institution: UC Santa Barbara, English Literature and Writing, Ph.D.
Undergraduate Institution: UC Berkeley, English Language and Literature, B.A.

“So many of our students have the challenge of being the first in their family to go to college, the first to consider graduate school, or of being the first to be in a STEM field. It’s intimidating to leave what is familiar and step into new territory. They embrace that challenge with such heart, commitment, determination, and passion. It’s completely inspiring.”

Carmen Robinson: Staff

Carmen Robinson: Staff

Graduate Institution: University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Undergraduate Institution: University of Central Arkansas
Department: Undergraduate Affairs and MEP
Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas

“It is important to have a community, especially for students of color because it’s easy to feel like you’re erased, that you don’t belong somewhere because historically you’re not a part of that group, but things have to change and things are changing, and it’s so important to have diversity in tech.”